Mineral wool is used for hot applications with a temperature ranges of 0 – 850°C & comes in different format.

  • Preformed high density resin – bonded molded pipe sections for pipes.
  • Rigid boards & wire matt for tanks & boilers.


Mineral wool is a non-combustible insulation & is produced from spun slag.
Densities range from 60kg/m³ – 160kg/m³.
Thermal conductivity 0,035W/m.k.


Polyurethane is suitable for low temperature applications.
Polyurethane is a closed cell low density rigid insulation foam.
Density ranges from 32kg/m³ for pre sections to 60kg/m³ for pumped applications.
Thermal conductivity 0,025W/m.k.


Polystyrene is suitable for low temperature applications.
Polystyrene or EPS is made up of fully enclosed polyhedron – shaped cells, 0.2 – 0.5mm in diameter. The foam consists of about 98% air and 2% polystyrene. The air trapped within the cells is a very poor heat conductor and so plays a decisive roll in providing the foam with excellent heat insulation properties.
Thermal conductivity 0,035W/m.k.


Armaflex is a class O flexible, closed cell elastomeric nitrile rubber insulation 7 & is suitable for condensation control on chilled water & refrigeration systems.
Thermal conductivity 0,035W/m.k.